Chromexcel Leather BANANA BAG

Chromexcel Leather Banana Bag

Heavy snow fell in Tokyo yesterday.

It seems that there is a delay in the package you shipped.

We hope that everyone who is waiting for their arrival will be patient and wait for a while.

Well, it was finally finished the other day.

Chromexcel Leather Banana Bag

Chromexcel Banana Bag

Chromexcel Banana Bag

Following on from the Horsehide Mail Bag the other day

We are currently shipping the items in order of arrival.

We only have a limited amount in stock.

Due to leather supply issues, once this item is sold out it may take some time until the next shipment arrives.

We would be happy if you could actually see and touch the products before considering them.

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Additionally, the Chromexcel leather fanny pack is also currently low in stock.

Chromexcel Fanny Pack

More details on this product here

Both are items that you can look forward to seeing change over time.

Moist texture and durability are attractive

Horween Chromexcel leather

I hope you enjoy it!!

I'm going to attach the video I posted on my blog a while ago.

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