Chromexcel Leather Green

Chromexcel Leather Green

It was unveiled at the recent exhibition.

Chromexcel Leather GREEN

Green Chromexcel leather

The items that were started earlier have now arrived.

Chromexcel Leather Banana Bag Green

Chromexcel's unique oily feel

The leather appears shader as the oil moves through it.

It has a different flavor from black and burgundy.

Deep and beautiful green

This soft texture can only be achieved with Chrome Excel.

As you use it, the oil will gradually come out and the texture will improve.

It's an item that you can look forward to seeing change over time.

The capacity is large enough to fit a sweatshirt or a denim jacket.

It will be very useful from now on. Please use it as your companion.

Also Chromexcel Leather GREENF anny pack

This also turned out to be a great match with the other items.

The folded parts of the leather will become lighter in color as the oil escapes.

The two-tone look with the black leather is also nice.

This bag is large enough to fit a wallet, smartphone, cigarettes, etc.

The mouth opens surprisingly wide, making it easy to take things out, and we've focused on creating a user-friendly pattern.

I think both items come in rare colors compared to black or burgundy.

Recommended as an accent color for denim and riders.

For inquiries, please contact your local dealer or our showroom.

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