CHROMEXCEL US Oil Leather Mesh Belt

Our surprisingly unknown

Introducing the Chrome Excel series belts.

Chrome Excel Mesh Belt

This is a mesh belt made of thick chrome excel leather braided into a single piece.

The thickness and comfort of a mesh belt are unbelievable

The buckle is made of brass and has an easy-to-match shape.

Mesh belt

Chrome Excel leather contains a lot of oil, giving it a very smooth feel.

Braiding the leather allows the oil to move through the leather, creating a unique texture.

I think that the more you use it, the more it will become comfortable to wear and the more it will grow on you.

The brown core of the color will appear as you use it.


Mesh belt black

I'm looking forward to the texture of the shades.


Mesh belt

The sizes available are S, M, and L, so you may also enjoy a slightly longer belt.

Please try adding a single strand braid to your repertoire.

Thank you.

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