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The black horsehide backpack has finally arrived

We will ship to stores that have made reservations in order of receipt.

The European rawhide is vegetable tanned and dyed a mocha color.

Then it is finished with pigment, so-called brown core leather.

Leather backpacks tend to be small and have limited capacity,

We have achieved a satisfying capacity by taking advantage of the light and durable material of horse leather.

Not only for everyday use, but also for business use

One of the attractions is the pocket for a laptop and other small storage spaces.

The shoulder straps are cushioned.

It has many versatile features such as a chest strap and D-rings.

The zipper is a TALON zipper.

All handles are made of leather for easy use.

There is a pocket on the side for storing things like plastic bottles.

The inside is made of No. 8 canvas, so you can safely put drinks in it.

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from everyday use to work.

Please use it for a long time

If you are interested, please contact your nearest store.

Thank you.

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