There are more and more warm days where you can wear short sleeves.

I've been checking out various fashion items every day in preparation for Golden Week!

We have restocked a product that we hope you will add to your bag lineup.

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Fully vegetable tanned from European raw hides

The leather used was originally carefully selected for use in clothing such as flight jackets.

This is a brown-core leather that is dyed mocha color all the way through to the core and then the surface is finished with pigment.

Above all, it is characterized by the lightness and fine grain of horse leather that are unique to horse leather.

As you use it, the pigment on the surface will fall off and the mocha color will appear.

The more you use it, the more you will enjoy the vintage feel, making it an item you will grow to love.

The rings that secure the belt are made of brass, and we have paid particular attention to the aging of not only the leather but also the parts themselves.

It is also lined with No. 8 canvas.

Some leather bags don't have a lining, so you don't have to worry about your items getting damaged.

It also has small pockets, making it very convenient for separating things.

It also has enough capacity to carry your wallet and small items.

You can easily fit a jacket or sweatshirt inside.

It's very useful because you can put it in your bag for small purchases.

The zipper is a TALON double zipper.

The size on your back is neither too big nor too small.

You can see that banana bags are designed to be very easy to use because they fit the body perfectly.

It will change completely differently depending on the person using it.

Please make it your own unique piece!

Thank you!

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