Available in BLACK, BROWN, and NAVY

A luxurious item made using our standard horsehide on both sides.

The raw leather is sourced from Europe and is vegetable tanned to complete the base.
Originally, we use base materials with carefully selected fabric content and size for clothing applications such as flight jackets.

It is common to see belts that only have horse leather on the front, but it is very rare to see belts that have horse leather on both sides.

In addition, the core material is 4mm thick, making the overall thickness approximately 6.5mm.

It is made from horsehide, making it lightweight, durable, and soft to wear.

It has a striking appearance, but is also easy to use.

Also, because it is sewn together, it has the advantage of being less prone to stretching than a regular single piece of leather.

The color of the buckle

BLACK and NAVY are brass buckles that are polished with nickel plating

BROWN uses a polished brass buckle.

When viewed from the side, our garrison buckles have a center core that is slightly lowered to the back, so that the buckle and leather fit neatly when passed through.

The leather is different but the buckle is the same.

From the side

When viewed from the side, the leather fold is recessed slightly towards the body.

This is designed to look beautiful when overlapped.

In addition, the corners on both sides of the core material inside are rounded off to create a beautiful arch.

The finish is made with attention to detail that is unique to domestically produced products.

The back is stamped with foil

INCEPTION brand logo and HORSE HIDE engraved

Horsehide leather is also used on the back side.

Available in three colors




It's been out of stock for a while, but it's finally finished.

With this latest arrival, the NAVY color will be discontinued for a while.

Thank you

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