Inception  Chromexcel Leather BANANA BAG インセプション クロムエクセルレザー バナナバッグ

Inception Chromexcel Leather BANANA BAG Inception Chromexcel Leather Banana Bag

It has become well-known in the leather industry.

A banana bag made from HORWEEN's Chromexcel Leather.

This is a product made from a different material than the original horsehide item.

If you're a leather lover, the mere mention of Chromexcel is enough to make you want to try it out!

Recently, we have received requests to know how it feels to wear, so we would like to share some images with you.

Chromexcel leather banana bag

It's not too big and has a good capacity.

Chromexcel leather banana bag

Chrome Excel leather is characterized by being permeated with plenty of oil.

The photos also show that this leather is attractive due to its thickness and natural luster.

I think the human eye is quite good, being able to sense that just from a photograph.

Chromexcel leather banana bag

Brass parts

Chromexcel leather banana bag

Attention has been paid to the fine details, such as the use of TALON zippers.

If you would like to see more details about the interior details and capacity, please see our article on the Horsehide Banana Bag.

We also offer other products made from Chrome Excel leather.

Chromexcel Leather Fanny Pack

Fanny packs too

If you are interested, please check the details page.

Inception Chromexcel Leather Banana Bag

Chromexcel Leather FUNNY PACK

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