INCEPTION HORSE BUTT インセプション L字ファスナー ウォレット

INCEPTION HORSE BUTT Inception L-shaped zipper wallet

Leather items make great gifts. Yes.

As I mentioned briefly in my blog the other day, Christmas is fast approaching.

I think most of our customers are men, so it's a way to reward myself.

If you can ask, please do it. Lol

This time we created a new product.


It has been well received. Thank you very much.

We are very happy that the staff at the stores that stock our products are using them.

This time, in addition to the Tracker series, a small L-shaped zipper wallet has been added to the lineup.


Inception L-shaped zipper wallet

The horse leather used is produced by an Italian tanner.

Made from fully vegetable tanned benz (buttock) leather

This leather is strong, firm, and has a smooth texture that makes it appealing to the touch.

In fact, I fell in love with this leather at first sight and started making it.

Inception L-shaped zipper wallet

It is palm-sized and easy to store in your pocket, and can even fit in a suit or breast pocket.

Inception L-shaped zipper wallet

Four card pockets

Inception L-shaped zipper wallet

Inception Name Included BLACK

Inception L-shaped zipper

Bills can be inserted in this orientation as well. It is easy to count the contents and very convenient to pull them out and use them.

Available in two colors: BLACK and BROWN

L-shaped zipper wallet


Inception L-shaped zipper

Made in-house by BROWN.

Honestly, both colors turned out great.

I think it was better than I expected.

I hope you enjoy the soft feel of this leather.

The leather feel can be seen in the photos too.

For inquiries, please contact a store or showroom.

Detailed images can also be seen here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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