OPUS Mini Wallet オーパスミニウォレット

OPUS Mini Wallet OPUS Mini Wallet

Recently, the shift to point card apps

With the spread of QR and app payments, more and more people are looking for smaller wallets.

Currently available as a standard item at our company

OPUS Mini Wallet

Opus Mini Wallet


This is our pride and joy, a mini wallet that is compact yet can store all your bills, coins, and cards.

Available in different colors

Buttero leather 10 colors

UK Bridle Leather 6 Colors

Doraro leather 3 colors

Total of 19 colors

We offer a wide range of colors to choose from.

With such a large range of products, it is impossible for us to cover all the samples of changes over time on our own, and many of them are provided to us by our customers.

In particular, Buttero leather changes color to a very dark shade.

I can imagine brown, black, and blue.

So here are some images that were provided to us personally.



The change is still in its infancy, and will continue to grow stronger from here.

Next is Green

Mini Wallet Green

This will also change to a darker color.


Mini Wallet Yellow

It's still in the process of turning brown.

The shape will be different, but from here it will change as shown in the next image.

Middle Wallet Yellow

Middle Wallet Buttero Yellow Customers


This time last

A very nice color wallet Buttero Orange

It has turned a beautiful brown.

What colour do you think this is?

The answer is

Buttero Mini Wallet

It's orange.

The orange changes very nicely too.

It may be the most unexpected one.

Of course, the look will be completely different depending on who is using it and for how long.

If you think you are the one, please let me know.

Thank you.

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