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Add color to your new everyday life with high-quality leather.

OPUS is a brand that was launched in 1999. It is a brand that focuses on leather materials and is designed to let you enjoy the texture and feel of leather to the fullest. With an overwhelming variety of colors, you can find your favorite item.

About OPUS

"OPUS" means "a musical piece of creation." The name was chosen with the idea in mind that the pieces born from the symphony of artisanal skill and sophisticated design are as beautiful as music.

Everyday use

These accessories are crafted with skilled craftsmanship and are designed to last for many years, and are sturdy enough to be called "Made in Japan." They are also functional, with attention paid to ease of use in every detail. These are exceptional products that you will want to enjoy as they change over time, as they will be used every day.

Color Variation

We have prepared a variety of unusual colors so that everyone can enjoy the changes that occur in leather over time. The vivid color that emerges when you first start using the product will gain depth and luster, and become a color that is unique to you. Please enjoy this story.

OPUS Standard Products

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