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Horsehide Body Bag
PRICE:¥49,500 (tax included)
SIZE: H200 W340 D100
No. 8 canvas Hardware: Brass Storage: 1 inside pocket when main storage is opened 1 button pocket on the front
Made in Japan

A body bag made from high-quality horsehide.
It features a sharp silhouette with no bottom gusset, with an emphasis on a good fit when worn on the back.
It has an exterior pocket with a flap, so you can quickly take small items in and out.

The raw leather is sourced from Europe and is vegetable tanned to complete the base.
Originally, we use base materials with carefully selected fabric content and size for clothing applications such as flight jackets.
During the dyeing process, the leather is dyed mocha not only on the surface but all the way through to the core, and then as a final finishing step, the surface is given a pigment finish, giving the entire leather a stable color and a glossy texture. In the final process, the leather is lightly kneaded to give it an indescribable soft feel and texture.
It is also lightweight, something that cowhide leather does not have.

Similarly, the leather used is European rawhide and vegetable tanned.
We use the rare part of the horse's buttocks (cordovan part).
We used a base that could not be completed as cordovan (due to deep scratches, etc.) and finished it to bring out the unique texture of horse leather and natural wrinkles on the surface that are not found in cow leather.
We select the thickest horse butt possible and intentionally leave the dye in its original state for dyeing, resulting in leather that allows you to enjoy the natural aging process of horse tanned leather depending on how often it is used.

*Since natural leather is used, naturally occurring scratches and wrinkles, as well as the texture and color of the leather may differ from the photo.

*Due to the characteristics of leather, friction or moisture may cause the color to transfer onto clothing, etc. Please be especially careful with light-colored items.

*Please note that product specifications may change without notice in order to improve quality.

*One of the characteristics of horse leather is that it is prone to scratches.
This product may have blood vessels, minor scratches, wrinkles, and uneven dyeing that are typical of horse leather.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

*Due to the characteristics of leather, there is a possibility that the color may transfer to clothing, etc. due to friction or moisture.
Please be especially careful with items that are light in color.

*Product images are taken using a digital camera. Please note that the colors of the actual product may differ from those shown on the website due to differences in monitors and computer peripherals.

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