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UK SADDLE&BRASS Shackle Key Holder Silver Planting

UK SADDLE&BRASS Shackle Key Holder Silver Planting

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UK Saddle & Shackle Keychain (Silver Plated)
UK SADDLE&BRASS Shackle Key Holder Silver Planting
PRICE: ¥8,800 (tax included)
Total length: approx. 11cm
Made in Japan

The finest saddle leather from J&FJ Baker, a long-established British tanner. Using traditional tanning methods that have been used since Roman times, leather for horse tack is produced using bulls born and raised in the area, with the same careful and time-consuming process as in those days. The wax penetrates into the fine fibers of the leather, making it nearly twice as heavy as normal leather and providing excellent strength and water resistance. All finishing is done by hand using traditional tools and oils and greases that are best suited to the leather. The leather is about 5 to 5.5 mm thick and is skived and used depending on the purpose. The appearance varies depending on the part, with the buttocks being relatively smooth and the shoulders having deep wrinkles. As it is used, the gloss increases, the color darkens, and the leather becomes more refined.

*The original shackle is made by LOST WAX casting. LOST WAX is a method of casting based on a prototype made of wax. This casting method allows for the creation of more complex shapes with higher dimensional accuracy than general casting methods.

*Since natural leather is used, naturally occurring scratches and wrinkles, as well as the texture and color of the leather may differ from the photo.

*Due to the characteristics of leather, friction or moisture may cause the color to transfer onto clothing, etc. Please be especially careful with light-colored items.

*Please note that product specifications may change without notice in order to improve quality.

*Product images are taken using a digital camera. Please note that the colors of the actual product may differ from those shown on the website due to differences in monitors and computer peripherals.

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